Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1379


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

iPhone :

- iOS SDK 7.0 compatibilty
- Add post comments in Photo section
- Add "openExternal" method in Plugin and Custom sections
- US date format management
- Bug fix: Crash fix when you use search bar with categories template "List"
- Bug fix: Image size fix in Swipe navigation mode
- Bug fix: Search with accents now works
- Bug fix: App doesn't ask anymore permission to access to microphone
- Bug fix: In SoundCloud section, crash fix when using "loadMore"
- Bug fix: In Photo section, comments are again available
- Bug fix: Fix truncated titles in template 5 of Article and Video sections

Android :

- Facebook SDK updated
- Bug fix: Behavior of "release to load more" on comments and content lists
- Bug fix: Background color in toolbar (template 4, Articles and Video details)
- Bug fix: All photos are displayed in template 3 (Photos section)
- Bug fix: No margin at the bottom of Articles details
- Bug fix: Faster authentification to have content
- Bug fix: Crash in some cases because of '$' character on article title
- Bug fix: Salvador Facebook template is now visible
- Bug fix: Crash fixed when watching videos with Youtube Player
- Bug fix: gbGetMedia allows to take photos with your device (Plugin section)
- Bug fix: URLs ending with .mp4, .3gp, and .mp3 are now handled by Custom Url section
Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes :)