Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1753


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

iPhone :

- Management of openExternal method with iTunes links
- Add timeout in Swelen Splashscreen download
- Bug fix: Fix color problem in comments lists
- Bug fix: Fix in detail toolbar android animation
- Bug fix: Fix circle band shifting
- Bug fix: Fix fullscreen shadow in categories list 
- Bug fix: Fix shifting on comments list
- Bug fix: Fix crash at launch in some cases
- Bug fix: US wording corrections
- Bug fix: Graphical fix on NavBar radial effect

Android :

- The "openExternal" plugin method can receive new parameter : urlAndroid
- The scheme market:// is now interpreted in Custom section
- Bug fixed: Like button status is not inverted anymore
- Bug fixed: In some case, the wrong background was displayed for the navbar
- Bug fixed: Custom sections are updated after new publication
- Bug fixed: Default icon is now displayed in the SlideShow list template (Article, Video)
- Bug fixed: Image are not cropped anymore in photo details
- Bug fixed: The right day is shown for the event (Event list)
- Crash fixed in custom section after new publication
- Display fixed in Slate navigation (fonts)
Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes :)