Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1771


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

iPhone :

- Add OpenAdsInExternal in JSON parameters to open the ads links in Safari

- Add "Helvetica Neue Ultra Light" font

- Username and mail are now saved in post comments

- Bug fix: Fixing crash with Swelen splash

- Bug fix: Fixing android toolbar with ads

- Bug fix: Subtitles in event section are no longer truncated

Android :

- New: StartApp Interstitials can be added
- New: Username and mail are now saved when posting comments
- New: Possibility to get the current live playing (LivePlus with plugins)
- Bug fixed: Links in Facebook videos
- Bug fixed: The current sound is stopped when going to watch a Youtube video
- Display fixed: Comment button disappears when comment is disabled (Slide and Swipe toolbar)
Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes :)