Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1851


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

iPhone :

- Add a settings JSON parametere "websiteButtonDisabled" in Event section

- You can now see the trip in maps application in a Map section

- Bug fix: Facebook cover fix for parallax effect

- Bug fix: Fixing crash after submission success

- Bug fix: App now go back to the previous screen when a text submission is done

- Bug fix: Links on internal ads banners are now working

Android :

- New: Navbar transparency
- New: Navbar can be hidden while scrolling
- New: Original picture size from flickr source can be displayed
- New: Map Section can redirect to GoogleMaps app
- Bug fixed: End time of event is now correct in detail
- Bug fixed: Twitter sharing is updated
- Bug fixed: Refresh UI when an error occurs (Live Radio)
- Bug fixed: Crash on MobPartner interstitial.
Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes :)