Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1880


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

iPhone :

- SoundCloud section : Now the artist cell doesn't appear if we have categories
- Add "listBackgroundOpacity" parameter in podcast detail, event detail and comments views
- Bug fix: Fixing selected icon size in custom TabBar
- Bug fix: Fix loginView with toolBar swipe mode in detail view
- Bug fix: Fix livePlus section crash
- Bug fix: Fix search history bug

Android :

- Bug fixed: The CustomUrl web view interprets the market:// and the tel:// schemes
- Bug fixed: The first result is shown when searching content
- Bug fixed: The right background color is displayed on other sections list (Classic Tabbar navigation)
- Bug fixed: The Player is not resized anymore every time we enter in Live Section
- Crash fixed in some Galaxy Y phones when opening an article or video
Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes :)