Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #370

Written by on Tuesday, February 12th 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #370
Changelog for this Tuesday update :
- You can now download sounds from Podcast sections and listen them offline
- You can now choose the text alignment of the detail page of an Article section
- You can now adjust the HTML page in a Custom/Url section
- Photos description added in Facebook section
- Better photo and iframe display in the detail page of an Article section
- New french translations added : 
     - "Choose a picture"
     - "Choose a video"
     - "Take a picture"
     - "Take a video"
     - "Choose from library"
     - "App Version"
     - "Device"
     - "iOS Version"
     - "Fill in details of your request below"
- Bug fix : outgoing links in articles titles are no longer automatically detected
- Bug fix : you can now choose a specific background for a section (JSON)
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)

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