Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #791


Today, everyone is working hard in the GoodBarber team to open the beta for Android. If everything goes fine, you'll be able to test your app on your Android device tomorrow!

So, this week the changelog for iPhone is a bit short, but you can understand why :)

Changelog for this Tuesday update, for iPhone:

- There is now a relaese to load more feature in the comments pages
- It's now possible to use the token [COMMENTS] and [NBCOMMENTS] in the lists subtitles (Settings API)
- The headers of Events sections show now the day of the week
- Bug fix: the Events sections handle now correctly the absence of thumb
- Bug fix: the Search Bar appears now correctly when a Circle Band categories template is set
- Bug fix: the app doesn't crash anymore at launch when there is no connection
- Bug fix: the app doesn't crash anymore when sharing the app in the Settings section

Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes… and prepare yourself to build your Android app!