Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #921


Starting from this week, we'll publish 3 differents changelogs each Tuesday: iOS, Android & backend.
The backend changelog summarizes the week's changes, that you can already see.
For iOS and Android changelogs, as usual, don't forget to re-build your app to apply the corrections :)


- Bug fix: The white screen bug after a notification is now fixed
- Bug fix: The Google Analytics SDK has been updated, and statistics are now correctly dispatched
- Bug fix: The Events descriptions are now totally displayed
- New translations in the Plugin sections
- New callbacks (confirm & cancel) for the "alert" method in Plugin sections
- There are now placeholders in the Submit sections


- You can now access to the comments in Articles sections and post a comment from the app
- You can now setup Google Analytics & Flurry for your app
- The Sound/Soundcoud sections are now enabled
- Push Notifications! Here we are, you can now send push notifications to your Android users :)
- Bug fix: The Events descriptions are now totally displayed
- Bug fix: The app now supports self signed certificates (SSL support) for all HTTP calls and inside WebViews
- Bug fix: The embedded cache now initializes correctly
- Bug fix: The Settings are now displayed when the external services disconnection feature is disabled


- You can now choose the default Preview tab (iOS / Android)
- You can now choose the phone's color in the Preview (black / white for each platform)
- For your Article sections with a WMaker source, you can now set a Syndicated Content filter in the Advanced Settings
- The 500px images (Photo sections) are now resized in proportion
- The german is now available for your app language