Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #955


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update :)


- Multi-cat management on Twitter Section
- Add italian and french translations
- integration
- Geolocation of the submitted content (texts, photos and videos) from the Submit Section
- Bug fix : Widgets are now displayed correcty in the Custom section
- Bug fix : The problem of illegible podcasts is now fixed


- Live section added
- Plugin section added
- Authentification on comments
- Bug fix : Categories refresh on photo section
- Bug fix : CircleBands now display correctly
- Bug fix : Now, app doesn't crash anymore if the GPS provider is disabled
- Bug fix : Push Notifications works even if the app is killed


- You can now change the header text of the Swipe menu (Design -> Global design)
- You can now customize lists in Twitter section (Advanced settings -> Filters)
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)