Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #982


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update :)


- Add DoubleClick for Publisher SDK in beta
- The Facebook and AdMob SDKs have been updated to their last version
- Bug fix: Events with a start date in the past and an end date in the future are now displayed in the app
- Bug fix: Text's vertical shifting bug in template 3 of Article section is now fixed
- Bug fix: Feeds containing 3 items are now displayed in template 4 of Article and Video sections
- Bug fix: Hour now displayed correctly in detail page of Event section


- Podcast coming from WMaker are now working correctly
- Bug fix: In Custom sections, the Google Play URLs are now interpreted
- Bug fix: In Settings sections, the URL to share in the Recommend menu is now correct
- Bug fix: The Live sections doesn't crash anymore unexpectedly
- Bug fix: The swipe menu header has now the good color
- Bug fix: The Live sections scheduling feature can now handle an end time after midnight


- Images in WMaker articles now contain a link to the original picture

Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)