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Belas Mensagens - The App that spreads happiness


"Turn your sadness into confetti. Throw it in the air and say goodbye to your cares."
Today we will showcase the happiest app ever made with GoodBarber. "Belas Mensagens ", which means "Beautiful Messages" is the app that constantly gives you a reason to smile and brings joy to your day. This app allows you to share beautiful messages with your friends and family at any moment, adding positivity to even the worst of days. 

With more than 1.2 million Facebook fans and average monthly traffic of 2.3 million visitors, Belas Mensagens is a huge phenomenon in Brazil. Even their stats give us a reason to smile :)

So, let's hear what the Belas Mensagens team has to say about their app. 

What is Belas Mensagens?

Belas Mensagens  is a website that collects million of messages, sentences, and phrases from famous, as well as unknown people on a large variety of topics. The main goal of our website is to brighten someone's day through an image and a text they can reflect upon. Receiving the right words at just the right moment is a great reason to smile. 

How did mobile become a priority for your project?

Over the past few years, the number of mobile visitors has greatly increased, a fact that really made us consider the importance of being present on mobile. Last year, mobile traffic amongst our users reached close to 50% . At that moment we realized just how important it really was to create content for our mobile users. Therefore, we focused our strategy on creating an exclusive channel where we could easily reach our media consumers on their devices. 

What is the main goal of your app?

The main goal is to provide content and make it accessible to media consumers through their smartphones. Even with a responsive mobile website, there is no doubt that a native app provides a higher level of user experience. Furthermore, an app is an excellent platform for promoting engagement and building relationships with our users. 


What made you choose GoodBarber?

When we first started thinking about going mobile, we did a lot of research on the mobile app market and evaluated many different options in regards to the needs of our website. GoodBarber had the features that responded best to our content needs and provided everything we needed to build a successful app, such as the WordPress social plug-in, the easily customized interface, and the option for push notifications. These are the main reasons that made us choose GoodBarber. 


Has the app brought more readers?

Yes, definitely! Since we've launched the app, our users base has increased by a lot; we have gotten many positive reviews and have been able to maintain a good rating on Google Play. We are still working on the iOS launch, and believe that this will increase and retain even more users and readers. 

Any advice for our readers?

Make your user your main focus. An app is really successful when it is able to deliver exactly what the user is looking for. Keep this advice in mind and use your app to respond to the needs of your audience. Try promoting your app through your communication channels: site, blog, social media, and even offline campaigns.