Boost your audience with the Substack extension


The Substack extension offers an efficient solution for writers or bloggers who want to deliver their content directly to their application. This extension simplifies the newsletter distribution process by automating the generation and updating of Substack content on your app. This enables you to offer an optimal experience to your audience. 

One of the key benefits of this extension is the automatic adaptation of the design of your Substack content to that of your application. This ensures not only perfect display, but also visual consistency that reinforces your application's identity. As a result, readers benefit from a harmonious experience, whether they consult your newsletter on Substack or directly via your application. This enables you to extend your reach and offer a consistent user experience to your audience.

How to use the Substack extension on your GoodBarber application?

To add the extension, go to the Extension Store in your back office, search for Substack and click on "Install". Once the installation is complete, add your account to the URL and a new Substack section will appear in your app menu. All you have to do is choose your template and you're done! Your Substack content is now on your app!