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Brèves d'Histoires - An App for Paris Lovers


Today we are synching our showcase to a very special app... Thanks to Brèves d'Histoire , a real encyclopedia, you will know everything about the Parisian patrimony!

Let's enter without delay in Gino's world, and find out what he can say about his app and what it giving back to him ;) 

Could you give us an introduction of yourself and your project?

I always felt a strong attraction for Paris... This attraction always pushed me to discover the capital during my Parisian walks, looking for some hiding places - little gaps which could conceal an unknown secret... Paris was born 23 centuries ago. It's a bottomless pit of culture, and it is full of curiosities that we can find every time and everywhere. Paris is not only the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal Arch or the Sacré-Coeur! But unfortunately, this big monuments are the only one we see, to the detriment of the wonderful little vestiges, often overlooked. 

The idea of Brève d'Histoire is to give to everybody, the possibility to explore this little patrimony, for free, through a blog and an app. Brèves d'Histoire is, above all, an open project and of common interest. Everybody is able to interact about a content to correct something or to add information. The project allows Parisian Lovers to participate in an active mode to this patrimony register, in a regular or punctual way, proposing their own vestiges... 

How has mobile become a priority for your project?

This project takes on its full meaning on mobile for 3 reasons:
- The content is very short and matches therefore matches perfectly with the readers' behavior on mobile devices
- Paris and history lovers can contribute to the project at any time and in any place, by submitting their own content (text, videos, photos) via the submission form present in the app.
- Last but not least, the vestiges can be found thanks to the geolocalisation tool.

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

In the beginning, I was thinking about developing my own app, but I was afraid of the waste of time spending in the bug resolution. I really wanted to be focused on my project and not on the technical things.
GoodBarber allows me to have a really professional app, completely customizable, with a very good and fast technical service. That are the reasons why I choose GoodBarber and I'm not disappointed at all! ;)

How did you benefit from your app? Did you have some positive feedback?

Yes, I had it, and it encourage me to be more and more focused on my project. The users are satisfied and love the fact of being able to find some vestiges in this really big city  via an itinerary displayed in the app. It's only the beginning, and I think it will take a lot of time and work to reach a whole number of people, and make them love Brèves d'Histoire. But I remain very confident !

Any advice for our readers?

Listen to your readers and pay attention to their feedback. They are your guide to improve your app.
Be patient and pugnacious. The publication of your app on Google Play and AppStore is not your final goal; at this point the party is far from won... On the contrary, the adventure is just beginning...