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Chicago Phoenix, the largest LGBTQ news publication in the US Midwest


I'm Dane Tidwell, Publisher of Chicago Phoenix, the largest LGBTQ news publication in the Midwest United States. We are a digital-only product with web, mobile, and Roku streaming media products.

Who are you, and what is Chicago Phoenix?

Dane Tidwell, Publisher of Chicago Phoenix

What's your main goal with this app?

We created the Phoenix mobile app to expand our digital footprint to mobile devices and offer a more integrated experience than a responsive website provides. Currently about 51% of our readership comes from mobile devices and our strategy is to move those readers from a browser-based experience to the app.

Would you recommend GoodBarber? Why?

I would absolutely recommend GoodBarber, and have! It is the best way to get a mobile app to consumers. No in-house development team is required or costly upfront costs that are associated with the type of app that GoodBarber produces. The design options are limitless and support is second to none. There has never been a time when I've needed help with something that I didn't get a response in less than 24 hours. The quality of the product is amazing.

Any advice you'd like to give to someone who want to create an app?

I would recommend checking out GoodBarber first to anyone who thinks they need a mobile application. For the vast majority, its the most cost effective option. After you've signed up for the trial, just dive right in and start exploring the features. It's very user friendly and the instructions are easy to understand.