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Cucina Corsa - When local cooking goes digital


Hello GoodBarbers,

Today's showcase makes me especially proud because it's about an app dedicated entirely to Corsica, and was of course created by a Corsican ;)

You know how much we love our little island here at GoodBarber, so it's a pleasure to see great, local projects coming to life, and even better to participate in their success!

I will give the floor to Gilles De Peretti, who is the mind behind this project and will quickly make your mouth water!

What is Cucina Corsa?

This project came from the simple observation that no app in the stores freely offered this type of content. It represented a way to shine a spotlight on our beautiful island that is equally as beautiful from a culinary standpoint!

Cucina Corsa is the first application dedicated to Corsican gastronomy—it provides access to a great selection of the best island recipes, product information, cooking tips, and also a "proximity" section that helps you to instantly find these Corsican products. 

Our application is basically an inventory of the best of Corsican gastronomy—only the highest quality are considered. You can learn how to make Corsican style sautéed veal with olives, make your own Bonifacian eggplant dish, or even how to prepare polenta.
Here you will find information for discovering new products or just for learning more about the subject. 

One of the best features is the interactive map that I spoke about before, that allows you to find the closest supplier where you can buy the necessary products for your recipes. 

Why did you make the choice to be present on mobile?

Having managed an online boutique, I can't stress the importance of mobile enough; today it's the primary channel for broadcasting information. I chose to make an application instead of a mobile version of my site because it's the best way to make users loyal, and therefore bring life to this project. 

What is the main goal of your app?

The goal is to allow easy, free access to the essentials of Corsican cooking for those who are eager to learn and who want to support local suppliers and businesses. 

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

We wanted to have a 100% Corsican-made application! But besides that, it's a very easy and inexpensive tool to use compared to other solutions.

Any advice for our readers?

Don't go into a project blindly, plan your idea based on reflecting upon what new or better aspects you could offer.
Translated by Alexandra Soroka