Design update: a new template for content categories


With this new template, we wanted to update a transversal element of our apps: the multi-categories. This element can be displayed in all list templates of all content types.
This Tags template will greatly contribute to upgrading the visual of your app, giving a modern and trendy vibe. Perfect for news apps, podcasts, travel guides, etc...

As we said in the introduction this new template is available in the following content lists :

  • Articles

  • Videos

  • Events

  • Map

  • Podcasts

How to apply the template on your GoodBarber app?

In your back office, go to the section containing categories. In the example below, our news section offers multiple categories: culture, economy, technology, etc... From the section, in the editing panel, click on Categories > select the Tags template. 
Another way to do this is, still from the relevant section, to click on the pen icon at the top right of the mockup > category design. > select the Tags template.
Once this is done, go to the Element Style menu > thumbnail > and select the "Round" effect.

Voila, your new template is applied to your app!