Design Update : Explore the new filters template for an exceptional navigation!


At GoodBarber, innovation is at the core of our mission, and we are thrilled to unveil our latest gem in app design: the Filters template, specially crafted for content categories. Inspired by filters found in today's leading apps, this new template offers a modern and elegant navigation experience, reminiscent of Netflix and Spotify.

What is the Filters template?

The Filters template is much more than a mere aesthetic update. It embodies a new way to explore and present content in your apps. Specifically designed for cross-cutting elements, this template caters to your need for intuitive navigation and dynamic visual presentation. You can apply it to all content lists, whether for Articles, Videos, Events, Map, or Podcasts. Moreover, it is compatible with all list and navigation mode templates.

The magic of Haptic feedback

To make the user experience even more immersive, we have integrated a haptic feedback feature. Unlike visual or auditory media, haptic feedback aims to stimulate the sense of touch, adding a tactile dimension to your experience.
This haptic effect triggers subtly yet significantly:
  • When a category is selected: Provide users with tactile feedback, inspired by the experiences offered by giants like Spotify or Netflix.
  • When the filter is removed by clicking the close icon: A subtle detail that makes all the difference, drawing inspiration from the best navigation practices.

How to Benefit from the New Filters Template?

Integrating the Filters template into your application is straightforward. Go to your back office, navigate to "My App > Structure" choose the corresponding section (Articles, Videos, Events, Map, Podcasts), select the list view, and opt for the Filters template. Customize it according to the specific needs of your application.
Offer your users an outstanding navigation experience with GoodBarber's new Filters template. Feel free to try it today and transform your application into a unique and memorable experience for your users!