Discover the brand new My GoodBarber app!


The new version of the My GoodBarber app is available on the stores since last week.
We designed it to be your best companion, all along your app lifetime.
You'll discover some useful features to manage your app on a daily basis. 

1. Analytics on the go

Track your app's statistics from your phone. You'll find traffic statistics (sessions, downloads, ...), but also editorial stats and your users list.
Don't forget that you can change the time period by clicking in the option button on the top of the screen.

2. Push notifications

Access your sent notifications history, and push new notifications wherever you are.
By clicking on the "compose" button, on top of the screen, you can access the form to send a new notification: enter your message, and access to all the targeting options available.
The number of recipients is updated in real time.

3. Preview and test

Consult your app's HTML5 test version in one click. If your app is already built, you'll also be able to download the AdHoc version.

4. Support

Access all your threads with the support team right from the app. You can also answer to a thread or open a new one: if you need to send us a screenshot of your app made taken with your phone, it's the fastest way to do it!

5. Multi-account management

If you manage several GoodBarber apps with the same login, you can access and manage all of your apps from My GoodBarber.

6. Bonus

Are you proud of your app's stats? If so, Alex has prepared a suprise for you :)
You can share each chart by mail, Facebook and Twitter directly from the app. Just make a long tap on the chart that you want to share, and the sharing options will show up.
This app is designed to enhance your GoodBarber experience. We're here to make it evolve to fit your needs.
Fell free to give us your feedback in the comments below, every feature suggestion is good to hear!