Discover the Genius Palette: AI Revolutionizes Your Color Choices


Unleash your app with Genius Palette
You know how essential it is to have harmonious and attractive colors to draw in your users and provide them with an exceptional experience. Color is a powerful element in graphic design, capable of evoking emotions, strengthening brand recognition, and enhancing the user-friendliness of your application. But often, finding the perfect color combination can be a daunting challenge for many creators and developers. That's why we are thrilled to introduce the new feature from GoodBarber, the Genius Palette.

AI at the Service of Color Palette Creation

The Genius Palette is a groundbreaking feature that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance the process of creating color palettes. No need to spend hours fumbling around and trying different combinations. The Genius Palette takes care of it all for you behind the scenes by generating unique and impactful color palettes.
What truly sets the Genius Palette apart is its ability to create color palettes that are not only harmonious with complementary shades but also striking in contrast. All of this is achieved with just the click of a button! With the Genius Palette, bid farewell to long hours spent experimenting with color combinations. You can generate endless unique palettes until you find the one that perfectly suits your project.

How to Use the Genius Palette?

To create your color palette with the Genius Palette, it couldn't be simpler. Head to your back office, go to the menu My App > Colors and Fonts. In the "Color Themes" section, click on the Genius Palette button to conjure up the magic! You can click on this button endlessly until you find the combination that suits you best.
GoodBarber's Genius Palette is much more than just a color palettes generator. It's a revolutionary tool that reimagines how you create and manage your color palettes. Thanks to AI, you can achieve professional results in record time. Don't wait any longer to give it a try and give your design projects the perfect touch of color they deserve!