Focus on a feature: Search engine


Did you know that since the Beautiful Apps Engine Update #753, you can now add a Search Engine to your app ?

It can be very useful for your users, by allowing them to search a specific term within the whole content of your blog.

How can I activate the search engine in my app?

To activate the search engine, you need to have a WordPress or WMaker section plugged into your app.

In your GoodBarber backend, go in the Content > Sections menu, and Edit your Article section. Click on Advanced Settings, Enable the search engine option, and save your modifications.

NB: If you don't see the search engine option, click on the Save the section button to flush the backend cache.

How can I customize the design of my search engine?

Once your section has a search engine enabled, you can go to the Design > Global menu to customize the design of the search bar for all your sections. You can also edit the design of the search bar for a specific section of your app.

If your app has been built with an update of the Beautiful Apps Engine previous to #753, you'll need to publish an update on the Store to activate the Search Engine. Otherwise, just go to the Publication > Update menu, and click on Publish modifications.