Friday talk: A progress bar. What for?

Written by on Friday, March 15th 2013

In this Friday talk, get to know more about the new progress bar.

The progress bar gives a visual feedback to the user when he launches the app. It tells him that data is being retrieved. This behavior occurs when it is the first time someone launches the app or when you publish an update of your app

There are 2 buttons in the backend in the publication menu : Submit and Publish.

Hitting submit will trigger our compiler to rebuilt your app. Then you'll have to upload your ipa file to Apple and wait for the review. You need to re-built your app each time you want to benefit from the new features of the Beautiful Apps Engine. We improve it every tuesday.

Hitting publish will update you app the easy way. If you add a section, you change your design, well, when you make your app evolve, no need to rebuilt it. It can be updated on the fly.

So, this is why we made the progress bar. It's here to tell the user, hey, updating is in progress. Hold on, fresh content and fresh design are coming.

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