Friday Talk: Built-in CMS


Today we're going to talk about a new feature which comes from GoodBarber Salvador: our CMS.

What is the built-in CMS?

CMS means: Content Management System.
It's a feature that allows you to create content directly from your backend end publish it in your app.

Who is it for?

It can be used by people who don't use an external service to publish their content on the web (a WordPress blog, videos on YouTube, photos on flickr ....)  but who want to publish content in an app.
And it can be also used by people who want to publish content dedicated only to their mobile readers. 

How can I use the CMS?

Go to the Content menu in your back end and choose the sub-menu CMS 
You can create 3 types of content:
- article: You'll use a text editor, where you can enter your title, subtitle, and write your article in different paragraphs
- photo: You'll upload your pictures there
- video: You'll upload your videos there


Would you like to add something?

When you create your content, you can decide if you want to: 
- Publish it or
- Put it in stock, if you want to publish it later

You can also choose the position of your content, for example, if you have selected a navigation with 3 articles in your headline template, you can select the 3 articles (or videos, or photos) you want to display there.

And you can activate comments on the CMS sections, or only for one article.
When comments are activated, you can decide if you want to publish them directly or moderete them before.

Thank you Jérôme, I invite you guys to create a section with this CMS, and see you next Friday!