Friday Talk: GoodBarber 2.5: Salvador


Hello GoodBarbers, today it’s a special Friday Talk because as we hope you all know we launched a new release Wednesday: GoodBarber 2.5: Salvador. It’s the second major update since the beginning of GoodBarber. We will explain you more in detail the most important features in different blog posts and Friday Talks. But today we want to know how the team feels about it.

So, Jérôme, can you give us a feedback about the launch of this release?

Of course, we worked a lot for this release. We were super excited to show this to the public, and now, we are really proud of it. With more than 50 new features, the Salvador update puts GoodBarber to a next level in terms of design customization and it was our goal.

What about the name of this release?

We named this release Salvador in reference to Salvador Dali, one of the most talented and famous painter around the world, known for his crazy creativity and special universe. And also because of his famous moustache ;)

Of course, and what about the design features?

Well, since wednesday 6 new awesome browsing modes are now available, also versatile toolbars and great flat design. Our users have now more and more possibilities to make their app beautiful. You can find more information about the features on our website, and we will explain in detail in different articles and Friday Talk.

Is the version available for everyone?

Yes, our users juste have to rebuilt their app to see all the new features.

Thank you Jérôme for all this information, so guys let’s check the new release online and enjoy it! See you next friday, bye!