Friday Talk: GoodBarber and iOS 7


Hello GoodBarbers, for this Friday talk, we're going to talk about the new iOS 7 and GoodBarber.
Today our users want to know if their application are compatible with iOS 7.

So Jérôme, can you give us an answer?

Yes, our applications are compatible with iOS 7.
Every time apple releases a new update of the OS, developers can have it before the public. So we had time to adapt GoodBarber to the new iOS.
So don't worry, all apps run well on iOS 7.

Is there anything they have to change ?

On the technical side, there is nothing to do.
You may notice some changes in your apps. 
For example, if you go to the submit section, and take a photo you want to upload, there is a dialogue box where you can change the size of the photo. This dialogue box is new because we use the OS dialogue.

Also, if you're curious, you can go to the technical stats in your backend and see how many of your users have already switch to the iOS 7 ;)
It is really interesting to check it. On the first day more than 10% of readers have already switched to the new OS.

If our users want to make their app look good with this new design, what do they have to do?

They can change their design and use one of our new templates.
We have created flat design templates and they look very well in iOS7.
It's the first thing they can do, and if they want to do that, there is no need to submit the app again.

If they want to ping their users with an update, it's a good idea on the marketing side ;)
They can change their app icon at the same time. Because with this modification you need to rebuilt your app. But it's the good time to do it. 
You can change your app icon for a flat design, it's going to look great with the iOS 7 design.

Jérôme, thank you so much for your answers and see you next week guys.