Friday Talk: My GoodBarber App


Today we're going to talk about My GoodBarber app. You all already know what it is, but do you really know how to use it?

So Jérôme, can you tell us what is My GoodBarber App and when can I use it?

My GoodBarber App helps you to manage all your applications. Before the publication in the stores and after.
So before the publication you can change the design of your application by using My GB App. You can also check the HTML5 version and install the Ad Hoc version. The Ad Hoc version is the exact same version of your application you can install on your mobile to test it.

And after the publication in the stores?

You'll see the statistics of your application, check the tickets you opened in the support and send push notifications.
It's also good to manage your application with your mobile, you have almost everything in your pocket.

Thank you Jérôme for all this information. So guys, if you haven't downloaded My GoodBarber App yet, let's do it!