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Go to the cinema with Fluxr!


Today we talk about Fluxr

What is Fluxr?

This app is a digital billboard service. It is a growing platform that displays trailers movies shown in theaters and that will be shown in the cinemas of Costa Rica. Our future plans are to expand to other countries in Central America and include new features in the application.

Why did you decide to create an application for Fluxr?

This application was created to cover a weakness in the centralization of information. In our country the applications market is growing fast and these platforms are grabbing the attention of the users because they are apps for everyday use. 

What are the advantages of using an application generated with GoodBarber?

The big advantage is that the development is very fast so you do not have to wait a long time. Another big advantage is the price. The most striking feature of this application is that it is a growing platform so it is constantly being updated.

In your opinion what is the main advantage of GoodBarber?

The main advantage of a service like GoodBarber is that you can use a very powerful and strong tool, this is very interesting in this era of fast growing businesses. Even people without developer skills are able to give life to their ideas with the help of GoodBarber.