GoodBarber Academy: Courses for Classic App now available


In April this year, we launched GoodBarber Academy and offered our first courses dedicated to the Shopping Apps. 
More than just tutorials, the Academy aimed to help you develop your skills in app creation, design but also other essential parts of an app development project, such as project management and communication. 

As promised during the launch, Shopping App courses were just the beginning. So, today, we're very happy to announce that the courses for Classic Apps are now available. 


Courses and quizzes dedicated to the creation of Content Apps

This category includes 4 detailed courses. Each of them ending with a quiz to test your knowledge. Achieve a score of 100% and you're an expert!

The courses cover what type of content for your project, how to build loyalty and create a community, and the very important subject of how to generate revenue with your app. 

Register now and become a GoodBarber expert :)