GoodBarber eCommerce app: a new feature for the In Store Pickup extension


Exciting news for all our eCommerce clients! We're thrilled to announce the addition of new options to our already convenient In-Store pickup extension. You can benefit from these new options, while your customers can now enjoy an even more seamless shopping experience.
What's new with the In-Store pickup extension? 
You can now add a price range that will manage if the click-and-collect method will be displayed to your customers depending on their order amount.

Setting up a price range for your pickup option can be beneficial in several ways:
  1. Encourages larger purchases: By offering a price range, customers are incentivized to spend more in order to qualify for free click-and-collect. This can lead to larger purchase amounts and higher average order values.
  2. Helps cover operational costs: Offering click-and-collect can incur operational costs such as staffing, storage, and packaging. Setting a minimum spend requirement can help ensure that these costs are covered.
  3. Increases customer satisfaction: Offering click-and-collect can provide customers with added convenience and flexibility. By setting a price range, you can ensure that this service remains sustainable while still meeting the needs of your customers.

How to set this up in your GoodBarber back office

The in-store pickup settings are done under the menu Settings > Shop settings > Shipping > In-store pickup.

From there, you'll add a name for the In-store pickup and the conditions under which it is to be displayed to your users when placing an order:
  • Min order: enter the minimum amount needed for this method to be available and displayed to the user at checkout. 
  • Max order: enter the maximum amount at which this method is no longer available
  • Radius: the click-and-collect option will only be visible to customers within this radius of your store.