GoodBarber FAQs about mobile app development #3


Today we're focusing on three new subjects: what "submission" means exactly, what can make a great church app, and Flat design!

Learn what our team can tell you about these questions.

Why people say "submit" an app and not "publish" an app?

When you listen to people from the mobile app industry, they always speak about submitting an app instead of publishing an app. This is because, most of the time, once you have created your app, you want to distribute it in a store, like Google Play or the App Store.
To have your app listed in those stores, first, it must be reviewed by the store owner. That’s the reason why we say we submit an app, because we are not the ones who publish it.

What makes a good church app?

At GoodBarber, we have several users who have created an app for their religious community. No matter what is their religion, we observe the same trend in every popular app in this area.
First, there is a news section, usually used to propose daily prayers. 
Second, there is also a podcast or a video podcast section, filled with the last sermons.
Then, you can also find a live section, with live shows streamed from the place of worship.
A calendar section is always useful to remind your users of the great events of the community
Last but not least, most of the time, you’ll find a section used to donate funds in order to support the place of worship.

What is flat design?

Flat design is The new way to create in the graphic world. You have probably already heard about it with Apple and iOS 7, or Microsoft with Windows 8. As its name implies, flat design is defined by flatness of style: simplifying an interface by removing extra elements like shadows, textures, reflections, etc. and using solid colour. "Less is more" can be a simple definition of flat design.