GoodBarber FAQs about mobile app development #5


This week, the team focuses on 3 new subjects: radio apps, skills and updates :)

What makes a good radio app?

Since we always carry our mobile phone, radio apps are perfect to reach your listeners, wherever they are.
To succeed in creating your radio app, you should at least add the following features :

First: live streaming. Be sure to enable playing your stream in background. If you do so, people will be able to listen to the radio even if they use another app on their phone
Second: podcasts. Apps are great to listen on demand to content we specifically care about. A podcast section is always welcome in a radio app
Third: social features. Use your app to engage with your user. Let them share what they listen on social networks, ask them to suggest music to be played on your radio, and so on.

We’ve just covered the basics, but you can imagine to add many more features to create a great radio app.

What skills do you need to create a successful app?

To make a successful app, you need to be a genius as designer, a king as a developer and a guru as a marketer. If you have all those skills, you’re lucky, and you’ll make the perfect app. If you haven’t, don’t worry. There are still good options for you.
You can hire a great time of people with complementary skills. Or if you prefer to create the app on your own, you can use an app builder.

App builders come with templates created by experienced designers. You just have to pick up one and customize it  App builders will generate the app for you. You just have to retrieve a file and upload it to a store. The team behind an app builder is always here to help and give great tips to promote your app.

Now, you can create your successful app.

How often should I update my app?

It will depend on the update you’re doing.

If it’s a bug fix, you should update your app as quickly as possible until there is no bug anymore.

If you’re adding new features, you have here an opportunity to make some teasing and story telling. in that case, it’s better to choose the right time to make your update.

Remind that now major operating systems like iOS and Android are enabling automatic updates. That means your users will always have the last version of your app but they barely have the information something new has been added.
That’s very cool and useful for bug fixes, but, when something big is coming in your app, you should turn updates as scarce and unique events, in order to make them as visible as possible.