GoodBarber for Android. Now open in beta


Time has come to create Beautiful Apps for Android !

Today, we are very happy to open GoodBarber for Android. Thanks everyone for your kind messages to encourage us during the final stretch. The team worked very hard to finish the Beautiful Apps Engine for Android as quick as possible.

From now on, you can enjoy on your Android device almost all the features of GoodBarber. There is still work to be done. This is the reason why we say this is a beta. But you’ll see, the result is already fantastic!

If you want, you can even submit your app on Google Play. If you do so, take the time to review your app before publishing. Hey, it’s a beta ;)

Last thing, remember that every Tuesday, we update GoodBarber with new features. You’ll be able to publish a new version of your app on Google Play, in order to make it even more beautiful ;)

Now, go to your backend and have fun !
(or test for free if you're not already a GoodBarber )