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Industry Kraze - An app to enjoy Las Vegas


Today we are synching our showcase to an app about a wonderful city.
As you know, a part of our team is currently in Las Vegas for the Collision Conf, so  this is the timely occasion to talk about Industry Kraze.

Let me introduce the indispensable tool for spending good time in Las Vegas ;)

Can you explain what Industry Kraze is all about?

For Consummers:
Industry Kraze is a free mobile application for bar and restaurant enthusiasts to give them access to local specials, happy hours, entertainment, deals and events near them. The app is designed to keep track of the user and therefore locate close businesses that have appealing specials that they can take advantage of in a timely manner.

For Businesses:
This application allows restaurants and bars to upload their location and specials for free, promote upcoming events, offer deals to users in their area and increase their business from those users that are shopping for deal.


What made you decide that this project needed an app?

I have been employed in the restaurant/hospitality industry for many years now. I have worked in almost every position in a restaurant, from serving, bartender and then management. As a manager I was always promoting and trying to come up with increased sales. There is many avenues for advertising for a restaurant, many of which cost quite a bit. For the smaller independent establishments my app levels the playing field and allows them the same access to the clubbing crowd as the larger established restaurants and bars. Also, most businesses in this industry are always having specials, from their weekly happy hours to their weekly events. These establishments have a couple of ways to reach the public to let them know their information. They can have signs located around the building, put it on their Facebook page or advertise in the local papers or radio stations.

Each of these methods have drawbacks. Signage can be effective to a point and so can Facebook but unless you are walking to this place of business or following them on Facebook, you will never know the great deals or events that particular business has to offer.

I personally do not follow every restaurant or bar on Facebook and I haven't walked into every place near me wherever I am locted to see what they have to offer. However, I have gone into places and asked them if they have any specials or happy hour. So, I decided to create a user friendly and visually appealing mobile app connecting the restaurant and bars with users who download the app.

This allows the users to locate establishments based on what criteria they are looking for quickly via the categories I have created. In return this gives business a platform to list every special or event to the customer looking for a specific food type, special or activity.


Why did you decide to go with GoodBarber?

This is actually my 3rd app I have tried. Although the other app platforms were nice they just weren't flexible enough for what I needed for growth in the future. I researched many different app platforms. I wanted a platform that would look very professionally done and I would be able to manipulate the structure to get what I was looking for. After months of research and playing around a couple different platforms, I made my choice to go with Good Barber. Good Barber has put together such an awesome platform that allows the flexibility I need with the professional look. Also, the plans that GoodBarber has for additions to their platform lead me to believe that one day I might get everything I need with GoodBarber.

What has the app done for your business and what to you hope to accomplish with it in the future?

Since updating the app to the new platform of Good Barber, I have had more buzz and comments from existing users loving the new look and functionality. Also, I have more confidence in myself personally when it comes marketing the app and selling it. My goal in the future is to add a few more functions to the app when and if they become available. I can honestly say that with a couple more additions to this platform, I would have the perfect app that companies may pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have.

What advice can you offer to other business owners?

My advice to other business owners, be creative when structuring the flow of your application. This platform allows so much flexibility and allows you to create any kind of app you can think of. I still haven’t exhausted everything it offers.