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LasSociales, all you want to know about Colombian celebrities


LasSociales is an app and website that curates the information posted by Colombian celebrities across diverse social networks. Our goal is to present this information in one place and in real time.

Why did you decide to create an app for LasSociales?

With the exponential growth of information that celebrities produce in their diverse social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) it became evident to us that curating all this information in a single place would be something people would love. Through us you can keep tabs with what celebrities are up to without having to clutter your own private social networks with pictures of famous people.

Do you think that creating an app has had positive effects on your audience’s loyalty?

Absolutely, in just over a month since we launched the app we have seen a meaningful increase in traffic. Additionally, the capacity to send push notifications is a great way to keep the audience engaged with our content.

Why did you pick GoodBarber and what is your favorite feature?

GoodBarber is exactly what we were looking for: a perfect combination of design versatility, seamless implementation and excellent client support. Building our app could have costed us tons of money and time yet through GoodBarber the whole experience was smooth thanks to intuitive interphase and the constant and responsive help of the support team.

Would you have any piece of advise for our readers?

Subscribe to GoodBarber asap and download LasSociales of course!