Live+ Section

Written by on Monday, October 7th 2013

Live+ Section
Hi everyone, we hope you had a great weekend! Let's start this week with one of the new features coming with the release of GoodBarber Salvador : Live+

Live+ is a new section inspired by our community. More and more radio stations use GoodBarber to create an app. With this new section, they can display the meta information when they stream their music. Among the informations displayed while you listen to music, you can find the artist name, the track cover, and some other useful details. Users have a direct link to buy a track or share what they are listening to.

How can I use Live+?

If you want to install Live+, go to your backend >> Add-ons >> Live services  >> Select Live+ 

This section is available as a paid option. You now have 2 possibilities: you can try the add-on  for free for or, purchase it for 88$/year.

Once it's installed, you can name your section and add a feed URL.

Like all of the sections in your beautiful app, you can design / personalize your Live+ section from your backend.

Clear, simple, beautiful... Streaming has never been easier than with GoodBarber ;)

check the answer provided by the support. you don't use the correct url for your live stream
Hi Jerome, I badly need help,

I tried contacting the support team, however the response is not as fast as I am expecting.

Here's what happening

I added this url and still not playing on the app, even on the preview.

Thank you!
Are there any recommendations for a streaming portal/ to get a url?
Retrieve this url form your shoutcast server or any other live streaming server.

When it's done, come back to your back end >> Name your section >> Add a feed URL