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LucaSoft: Solutions, technologies and methodologies for the real needs of the customer


Luigi Caltarossa answers 4 questions about his use of GoodBarber.

Who is Luigi Caltarossa? and what is Lucasoft?

Passionate about computers and electronic devices, I've dedicated myself to the study of programming languages. I replicated with one of my high school teacher a graphical window system that replicates the Windows environment (version 3), only for educational purposes. I collaborated with some university professors to the implementation of graphics software under MSDOS.

Always interested in programming and graphics, I experimented the first web technologies for the creation of a web application, always with a keen eye on graphic design.

My career began with the management of an internet service provider, developing websites on Microsoft technology, then move on to the creation of classic business applications (under windows), and web apps.

By the time I have specialized in the creation of websites in ASP.NET and PHP, of web app and e-commerce websites and then I developed a real CMS with which I managed most of the sites I've made .

Recently I have dedicated myself to the realization of responsive websites (websites that adapt to the device in use, from the desktop to the smartphone), introducing lots of technologies that allow the creation of dynamic websites in both content and graphics (CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, Cordova/PhoneGap).
I have invested a lot of time in the study and the development of mobile applications in iOS and Android.

Lucasoft is a project born during the transition from employee to freelancer.
The main interest of this project is to find solutions, technologies and methodologies that allow the use of web services, made according to the needs of the customer. My main target is to take care of both, the design and, most importantly, the usability of the interface.

Why did you want to create an app for Lucasoft?

Creating an app is the natural evolution of management softwares, converted than in web applications, which in recent years have evolved further to propose more functional user interfaces even understandable for the novice user.

Creating an app is the initial step to open up new markets and new ways of working. Apps for smartphones are the first step to adapt to the needs of the customer by entering his way of life. It's the technology that adapts to humans and not vice versa!

What are the advantages to use an app builder like GoodBarber?

The benefits of an app builder like GoodBarber are definitely reducing the time to develop an app, and, last but not least, the opportunity to create only one project for different platforms.

GoodBarber for example, enables developers to create appsthat work on both iOS for Apple and Android for Google. Keep in mind that the creation of native apps require specific knowledge of both Objective-C language and Java, and moreover, mastering the APIs provided by the different operating systems.

Why did you choose GoodBarber? What can you say about this solution?

I had the need to experiment and create an app for Lucasoft very quickly, as a starting point for the services that will be offered to my customers, and especially for customers that want to sync their website with a native app.