Maf2014: An Ancient Art Meets New Technology


Today we spoke with the creators of the app Maf2014, Muestra Internacional de Artes Fantásticas de Santander.

What is the app MAf2014, and why did you choose this name for your event?

The Muestra Internacional de Artes Fantásticas de Santander, or Maf for short, includes both the unknown world of puppet theater, a common heritage of many cultures, as well as all those arts which, either alone or in combination with the puppets can help the spectator have new experiences.
The name "Artes Fantásticas" not only aims to attract attention, but also demonstrate innovative performances - whether they be in puppet theater or not. The performances explore fantastic creation in the performing arts by creating exciting and surprising new atmospheres with the use of new technologies and by crossing the boundaries between different techniques and disciplines (dancing, painting, circus, theater actor, puppets, etc.), as well as by incorporating new elements into the ancient art of puppetry.

We also want to make this art accessible to a younger audience, by incorporating plenty of irony, drama, humor and intelligence. 

The Muestra has also truly filled the city with companies from different countries and cultures creating a cosmopolitan spirit that bonds people of different backgrounds and ages.

Why did you decide to create an application for this event?

With smartphones becoming ever more popular, we wanted our visitors to be able to access our event from their phones, and consult the event's program in a comfortable way. The app also allows us to interact more directly with our audience, by reporting events in real time, or by quickly communicating a change of time or location if the weather conditions aren't so good. 

What were your goals with the app?

To provide the program of our events to the greatest number of people possible and improve our communication with the public.

What kind of advantages do you think that the app has given you, compared to previous editions of the festival?

Basically, we have managed to expand our audience, especially among "younger" adults.

What made you choose GoodBarber?

The amount of options available to configure the app, and the option that GoodBarber can publish the app for you in the stores.