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Mécanic: 1st magazine about motorsports in La Réunion


Ludovic Robert answers 4 questions for GoodBarber

Can you tell us what is Mécanic ?

Mécanic is an edition of the JIR (le Journal de l'Ile de la Réunion), a media company based in the island of La Réunion, in the indian ocean. The JIR produces high quality content, available in various formats: print, web, mobile, tablet, and radio. We are the first content producer and the first ad network in the Indian Ocean. The JIR was one of the first french newspaper to put online its content in 1996, on his web portal clicanoo .

Mécanic is the first magazine about motorsports in La Réunion, with more than 90.000 readers each month.

Available since 2006, the "new" Mécanic was released in 2012 with new ambitions. A monthly magazine printed 35.000 times, all about cars and motorbikes, especially new models available in the island of La Réunion. It is also available for free in the iOS and Android app "Le journal de l'île". Each edition is downloaded 5.000 times per month.

The magazine is also available on the web, on mobile web for tablet and mobile, and in a native app for iOS and Android
The website  was created in 2008. It has been rebuilt from the ground in october 2013.

Why did you want a mobile app?

Reader needs are evolving, and we wanted to provide them our content in every format,  as we already do with Clicanoo, the first smartphone app of the Indian Ocean.

What is the benefit of using an app builder?

Using a generator allows us to obtain great apps for a low budget.

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

We have discovered GoodBarber by accident. Very quickly, we fall in love with its ease of use. Our developers grasped very quicly the way it works. Moreover, it's a fast solution. From the beginning of the project until the publication, it tooks us only 4 to 5 weeks.
Sending unlimited notifications, and the affordable price ($384/year) convinced us. 

We have also created another app: Femme Mag' . It's another brand of us. It's starting to get some traction.
We look forward to using GoodBarber for tablets, and also the future enhancements planned by your team.