Open the door to new opportunities for your online store with our Public APIs.


Great news! We know developers and Resellers have been waiting for it. So there it is, our Public API now available for Shopping Apps. 
This allows for endless possibilities to integrates with various solutions to enhance your app.

But before we dive a bit further on what this means for your GoodBarber App, let's go over some explanations for the non-dev ;) 

What is an API and how can it help your business?

So what is an API?

An API or Application Program Interfaces is a software intermediary, like a bridge, that allows for the transfer of information from a software to another. 

APIs are categorized under 3 types of release policy:
  • Private: internal to the company only. We use API at GB every day,
  • Public: (this feature) available to use by any 3rd party 
  • Partner: limited to specific businesses. 

How an API helps your business:

In the context of eCommerce, we know that the main selling point of online shopping is convenience. The ability to place an order from the comfort of your home, and having the product arrive at your doorstep in a few days is a big plus. But for online shop owners, it creates a need for an automated processing system to fulfill these orders and maintain customer satisfaction.  

This is where our public API comes into play. 

With it, you can connect your Shopping App to different suppliers or logistic software. This can have many benefits, especially with the implementation of systems to streamline order management, shipping, stock management, etc.

There are many types of eCommerce API out there, but let's highlight the ones that are the most relevant to your GoodBarber Shopping App.
  • Product / Catalog: A product information API allows you to extract product details from a database of products that includes information about product descriptions, product ID, product titles, product specs, product images, pricing, the number of products, and more. 
  • Orders: With this API you can and manage your order list, update shipping information, automate new orders assignment, etc.
​The main advantage of an API is that it can help you automate and streamline your operations, connect services together to give you solutions that may not have been available as is in your Shopping App.

By removing extra steps in your store admin management, you can now focus on your marketing strategy and customer satisfaction. 

How does it work in your GoodBarber back office?

In your app back office,  in the menu "Settings"  > Shop Settings > you can now see a block "Public APIs". 

From there, you'll create key sets that will grant access to the different API methods available. These sets can have different access rights ( Catalog or Orders, or both, read only or read and write).  We recommend naming them in a way that makes it easy for you to organize them according to your needs. 

The list of these methods is available in this developer documentation

What can you do with our public API?
  • With the product Catalog module, you can retrieve the entire catalog or a specific product and the variants. This could be used to update variants stock, share your catalog with your suppliers or export your catalog in the format needed to update your Facebook shop. 
  • With the Order module, you can retrieve all the data needed to manage an order, from the checkout step to the final delivery to the customer. This could be used for exampleto notify one of your collaborator or supplier of every new order that needs to be processed or to set a tracking URL to a corresponding order. 
Examples of scripts that use the GoodBarber API for specifics tasks are available on Github

GoodBarber Shopping Apps already offers a lot of tools to run your online shop efficiently. But we understand that you may need to connect to external services to achieve your goals. With our public API, you now have additional opportunities to optimize your operational process and achieve these goals.