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Radio Emotions: The 24/7 Radio App


Even better than an online radio, Radio Emotions is available 24/7, alternating between music, live programs, and DJ sets. It is present throughout Italy with live events taking place outside, in discos, clubs, and sports arenas. The project was founded by a group of friends, driven by the same passion. We wanted to learn more, so we spoke with Matteo, one of the founders.

Can you tell us about the project and how it started?

The adventure stemmed from the desire to progress as a radio, and bring our programming and project to a higher level: to broadcast commercial-free music, 24/7, rotating based on the time of the day, from waking up in the morning with soft music till late in the night with the most popular dance music of the moment. One of the highlights is our unique "Back to Emotions" show, which combines the legendary music of the 90's with prestigious guests from the time—an idea that has been seen many times, but never with the same success! 
The team has really grown—there are now many of us managing the app. Certain people take care of the content, others the push notifications that our listeners receive. 

You have a website and are present on social networks, why create an app?

Technology is everywhere, and today having an app is almost vital. Everyone has a smartphone connected to the internet, and being a web radio, we thought it would be great to give our listeners the option to bring us everywhere and listen to music 24/7. Also, by creating the app, we were able to grow our user base enormously. 

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

We choose GoodBarber for how simple it is to use, the personalization possibilities, and for the very competitive price in comparison with other app builders. The value you get for the price is unbeatable. 

Have you gotten positive feedback?

Yes, the number of listens has gone up and our listener base is now in all four corners of the world: from Russia to United Arab Emirates, to Europe, and Brazil. This is only the current data—the possibilities are even bigger. 

Any advice for our readers?

GoodBarber is a great tool, simple and quick for creating an app.
The support is amazing—quick and efficient.
The team will do everything to make sure you realize your project with the highest level of perfection. 

Thanks Radio Emotions, we wish you the best!

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Translated by Ali Soroka