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RCI-Arctic, the North Pole in an app


RCI-Arctic is the perfect example of how useful a content-based app can be. Based on the site Eye on the Arctic, it allows everyone to know what's going on in the North Pole, no matter when it is or where you are. Thanks to an interview with its Editor in chief, Soleïman Mellali, we had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about this Beautiful App.

1) What was the starting point of the RCI-Arctic adventure?

Our site "Eye on the Arctic" is very unique. Available in both French and English, it offers articles, interviews, reports, blogs, images, and videos on this part of the world that is unfortunately so often inaccessible and unknown, but is extremely interesting in terms of the environment and climate changes as well as socially and economically. Those who are interested in the North Pole—the public, scientists, researchers, specialists, etc.—visit our site that displays not only our own content, but also that coming from the media in that region. Today we have five media partners representing the circumpolar region : Alaska Dispatch News, Alaska Public Radio Network, Sweden Radio, Finland News, and the Independent Barents Observer, covering Norway and Russia. 

To make our content as quickly and freely accessible as possible, we knew taking our digital offerings to the next level was necessary, which is why launching an application was the most logical next step. 

2) Why take part in mobile?

Mobile services deliver information in a continuous and instantaneous way, and create a lasting link with the audience. And with the fact that 3/4 of the planet's population owns a smartphone in mind, what better way to put a host of interesting content at their disposition? 
With an application, users can instantly check out what we offer at any moment, no matter where they are or what the circumstances are. 

3) What advice would you give to our readers on well managing a mobile application project?

Essentially, an application is only interesting if it's part of something bigger, which is why it must be integrated into a "global" offering.
It also must provide intuitive, enjoyable, and complete navigation. We would not have created an application if all we had to offer was articles to read, for example. The option to listen to interviews and reports, or watch videos makes for a more complete experience. 
An application must also not be restricted to just one type of device, otherwise this would dramatically reduce our target audience. Whether it's on a smartphone or tablet, or between Apple and Android, the application must be widely downloadable for everyone. 

Finally, the most important in our opinion, the content is what brings the most value to the app. The technology is not enough itself—launching an app isn't what makes you trendy. The quality and originality of the content is essential, and where the real time and effort must be invested. The content is what either will or will not interest the users; it's what will win their loyalty and make or break the success of the application. 

4) Why did you choose GoodBarber to accompany you on this adventure?

Our expertise isn't to design apps but to deliver easily accessible and interesting content to our audience. GoodBarber was the right fit in the sense that it offers a simple, flexible, almost custom solution that is already adapted to different operating systems. The great technical support is a huge plus—they were always there to guide us through our first steps. 

5) Which features were the most useful for you?

Being able to choose the design, to test the application in real-time, to offer all of our content regardless of the format, and access to stats. 
Discover the full potential of an app created using our app builder, download the RCI-Arctic app on your own device, available on the App Store and Google Play :