Retina Power

Written by on Wednesday, March 28th 2012

Since the end of last week, the iPad apps that you configure with GoodBarber are up to Retina Display standard.

Retina Power
We had announced it last Thursday in our blog. Since Friday, your GoodBarber apps have an optimized display for every version of the iPad, even the new iPad with Retina display.

In the design of your application, you must provide visuals twice as large to support the new resolution:
   - “Home Page,” the title banner of your application must now be uploaded in 732x74 pixels
   - “Tool Bar”, the default thumbnail requires 188x150 pixels
   - “Other Information,” the splashscreens require 2048x1536 pixels (landscape) and 1536x2048 pixels (portrait)

If you’re still looking for a reason to enter the GoodBarber user community, there it is! As for our loyal users, don’t forget that the iOS update is available.