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So Bad So Good! The Right Place to Find the Best and Worst of Pop Culture


Hey GoodBarbers, today we have two special guests for the interview of this showcase. Daniel Reyes and Alex Wain, two passionate pop culture fans who have created the website and the app So Good So Bad !

Can you explain to our users what is behind "So Bad So Good"?

We created So Bad So Good  as a place to find the best and worst of pop culture on the web. 
Originally we would share links to funny or strange stories with our friends via email or social networks. But after a while, it became difficult to go back and find them again. They were always lost amongst thousands of emails and buried in our social feed. 
So we decided to build a site where we could house the kind of content we were passionate about and interested in, to share with our friends. First a few hundred people visited the site, then it was a thousand, then ten thousand, then a hundred thousand - until we hit a million. And at that point we thought, hang on, we're onto something here!

What was your goal in creating this app?

Depending on the month, around 30-40% of our audience comes from mobile devices, so it's important to have an optimized experience for the device they're using. 


We all find it annoying when you have to expand and pitch a website on your mobile. Having a dedicated app allows our content to be beautifully displayed, easily accessed and available any time our readers want. Where they go, we go.

Has anything changed now that your app is the stores?

It's great to see more and more people using our app, it just makes the entire experience a lot cleaner. The feedback has been quite good, there's things we're looking to improve obviously, but overall the reaction has been quite positive. 

Is GoodBarber "So Bad or So Good?" :D

Haha well that's THE question isn't it. If it was "bad", we wouldn't be using it as the service that powers our content for our readers. It's a great service and reasonably priced too so we're really happy. 

Would you like to give any other advice to our readers?

When it comes to designing your app, keep it simple and clean. Don't overwhelm people with lots of features they will likely never use. Before you create it, ask your audience, friends, family what they would expect / hope to gain from installing and using it. That will give you a good starting point as to what types of features and elements you should include, as well as what to avoid.