STR - Sharing the Road : An app for a unique music project


Today our showcase is dedicated to Sharing the Road, a Beautiful App that conveys all the emotions that go along with this music project.
Yann Lamballée, the director of the project, has shared all the details with us...

How did this adventure start and what is the project all about?

The adventure was inspired by the film "Sound City", produced by Dave Grohl (Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters singer/guitarist). 
This movie is the story of the Sound City studio, the powerful and trying moments at this place, and the stories of the mythical bands who went there. 
Dave Grohl then gathered some artists amongst them to create un unedited album in his personal studio after buying the "Neve" mixing console from the Sound City studio. 
After watching this, I told myself I would do the same thing with musicians from Marseille and others that I have met over the past 15 years of travelling and making music.  

-The place : My parents' house in Ardèche—calm, quiet, and perfect for a project.

-The conditions : Whether we knew each other or not, we had never composed music together before. No style restrictions.

- The time : 2 weeks

- The objectives : A 52 minute documentary on our adventure, an album, and a concert to show the results to the public!

- The goal : Mix routes, experiences, and people....and of course, share it!

Creating harmony between all of the participants must have been a key element in creating the project. Has the application helped you to create the same type of harmony with your followers?

Unity was created on its own, as each musician came with the same desire : make music and share great moments with other musicians.
Creating, discussing, exchanging, and laughing!
The application allows us to convey all of these great emotions that came from this unedited, amazing adventure to the public.
Showing them the magic of STR is our goal!

What do you think an app can bring to this music project?

The app has brought, and continues to bring information on what's currently happening with STR as soon as it happens. 
For example, concert photos, videos, and continuous contact with the site but with a fun twist—the idea of sharing something that we love in a simple way cannot be topped. 
The app is, and will always be, the permanent link between STR and the public!

What does the future hold for STR and its app?

Since its concert on May 3rd in Marseille, STR has begun to work a lot in communication: press, radio, TV, etc.
It's not quite as enjoyable as making music, but we wanted to really put exposing all that has been accomplished as our first priority; selling our CD/DVD and making an effort to become more well-known to allow everyone to discover this adventure and this incredible first STR experience.
We definitely see a second round in the future!
But in order to do this, we need the proper means, and we need to continue showing all that was done for the first STR adventure!