The Before and After of an App, Blog iM by iOSMac


Today we have the great pleasure of presenting the evolution of an app, from the blog, called Blog iM; an app that has reinvented itself to offer new features to mobile enthusiasts. Antonio Exposito discusses his three-year adventure with GoodBarber.

The beginning

In 2013, we offered our followers a new way of following our publications. Thanks to the GoodBarber platform we decided to design our app, Blog iM, the intention of which was to find a way to be closer to our users and to offer them a new way to read our blog, a lot more quickly. The technical support team and in particular, Sara, helped me publish our app, which is no small feat considering Apple is highly selective and we were full of doubts.

The new version

The latest version of Blog iM is compatible with the latest iPhones and iPads. This new update incorporates new content like the Youtube and Podcast sections, where you can see all of the videos created by the team and listen to our podcasts from the app itself. We would also like to thank the design team at GoodBarber. They completely redesigned the visual aspects, giving the app a “wow” effect.

The new Blog iM has been redesigned completely with new sections and improved visuals, which will make navigating the app more comfortable for users. With the help of GoodBarber, we will continue to improve the app with new sections that will keep us more connected.

One of the most important sections in Blog iM, which is available upon launching the app, is “Noticias.” Here you will find all of the published articles that appear in You will be able to read our blog in a much more comfortable format and stay up-to-date with the latest news in tech.
Another new feature we’ve introduced is the Podcast channel, which we started in December 2015. Currently, we have 4 episodes available and every 15 days we will release a new one in which we will analyze the latest news, as soon as they're live from the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

The Youtube section has been added to the app. We have redesigned the channel where the videos reviews of app, accessories, and smartphones were published. Blog iM is, without a doubt, one of the most complete apps you will find in the App Store when it comes to staying up-to-date with the latest Apple news and technology in general.

In 2016 we will continue to work with GoodBarber to improve our application and mobility so you can follow us from anywhere with your iOS device and with important updates at the palm of your hand.
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