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The Before and After of Applicantes - How to reinvent your App?


Today we have the great pleasure of presenting the evolution of Applicantes , one of the best apps in Spanish to stay in the know in the world of applications.  Applicantes is a successful app that reinvents itself every day in order to continue surprising its base. Rubén González tells us about what his adventure with GoodBarber has been like this past year.
For Applicantes , we used GoodBarber to redesign our apps for Android and iOS. We did the same thing in January of 2014 when we launched a series of applications. As people who have downloaded the app have noticed, we have introduced numerous changes, both in form and background. The latest innovations released by the last version of GoodBarber have helped us tremendously.


Regarding the design, the platform has provided us with many alternatives in terms of themes, styles, colors, etc. This has allowed us to do various tests that have led us to the final result, a result that came about thanks in part to the advice we got from the professional designers at GoodBarber. This work has resulted in a joint application with a more modern feel. It has a simpler interface and more intuitive navigation .


In terms of structuring our content , we have also enjoyed all the customization options included in the platform. Thanks to these options, we have simplified the structure of the content in each section. We were able to find options that perfectly adapt to the kind of navigation we thought would better serve our readers. For example, we placed buttons in areas we thought they would appear to be less intrusive. 

Toward a more social app

One of the newest GoodBarber features we have implemented in our app is the tool that allows us to create communities of users . For Applicantes, we have always believed that our site should become a space where people who use mobile applications regularly could share their views and experiences. This feature will allow us to bring this idea to fruition.


So far we have not added monetization tools in our app because we want to analyze how our users respond to the app and what aspects should be improved. In regard to monetization, we know that the data GoodBarber provides will prove useful because the stats offer very interesting insights about the use of our app.  If we finally decide to introduce in-app advertising, we know that the options offered by the platform will be very helpful because the options range from external ad networks to internal ads.

*The iOS version is under revision