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4 questions to Tim Dickinson, the founder of The Descrier

Who are you? What is the Descrier?

Tim Dickinson, founder of The Descrier
The Descrier is a new independent news and culture magazine, bringing together concise analysis of the days stories and access to some of the best bloggers from around the world.

In the 12 months since we launched, we have broken news around the world from the protests in Turkey to investigating into the value of investment into UK sport.

Why did you want to create an app?

We wanted to create and app to offer our users the best reading experience on their smartphones, and the app stores offer us another way to find new readers.

What are the advantages to use an app builder?

The app builder has allowed us to easily pull the content from our website and produce a beautiful app without the upfront costs of developing an app for each platform. Perfect when you're a bootstrapped startup!

Why did you choose GoodBarber? What can you say about this solution?

We decided on GoodBarber after getting a number of quotes for app development, and trying out most of the other DIY solutions available. We found GoodBarber offered us the most control for the best price, and Jerome was always on hand to answer any questions that came up.