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GoodBarber has developped 25 connectors (and counting) to retrieve your articles, photos, videos, events, sounds, tweets, …well, you get the idea :)

Use them to put all your content at your users's fingertips.

The idea is simple. From your backend, different sections can be created in your app. Each section corresponds to a type of content. Behind each section is linked a source. 

Here is the list of the supported external services. Keep in mind that this list is growing.
Article :
- WordPress
- TypePad

Photo :
- Flickr
- Instagram
- Picasa

Video :
- YouTube
- Vimeo
- Blip
- Dailymotion

Sounds :
- Soundcloud
- Podcast

Events :
- Facebook events
- Google Calendar

Social :
- Facebook page
- Twitter

Live :
- Video streams
- Audio streams

No doubt will be able to deliver the best message to your users, right from a single Beautiful App.

If you have a request, feel free to tell us in the comments what connector we should add next ;)