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Unique Apps from the US


In celebration of America’s birthday that’s right around the corner, today’s post is dedicated to three of my favorite apps made by our users from our US community. They are unique and very useful, so take a look and download them for yourself!


Everyone secretly loves a little man humor, and this app gives you your daily dose. There’s no shortage of laughs in this app full of stand up comedy routines, funny videos and photos, humorous gamer jokes, etc. If controversial jokes and inappropriate pranks are your thing, you will love this app—you even have the chance to submit your biggest BS moments for a potential feature! I personally had a good laugh with the Obama Angry Translator, I suggest you check it out!

Being Unique

The US has come a long way with diversity acceptance. Specifically, the LGBT community is gaining a lot of positive attention these days, and the Being Unique app celebrates this great accomplishment! With helpful advice on how to overcome common issues faced, narratives about individual journeys, and the chance to share your story, this is a fantastic app for strengthening a growing community and building awareness.

Casting Call

Trying to become famous? Take advantage of the connections this app can provide and find your next gig. Whether you are working on a career in modeling, acting, music, or fine arts, this app will allow you to discover all of the hottest, upcoming auditions and opportunities based on your area or the network you are interested in working for. This app made with California love is the perfect way to get ahead of the competition and get exclusive access to the industry.