Video Tutorial: Maps Section


One of the most popular and useful tools of the platform is the Map section. You can use it to generate geolocated directories containing businesses, products, services, etc. by either creating your own customized map section (if you have the skills!) or utilizing the mCMS option, which is what we focus on in this tutorial. 

The first thing to do is add and choose a name for a Map section. You will have the choice between mCMS or a personal content source, but for the purposes of this video, go with the mCMS.  

You will then be directed to a menu where you can start adding points to your map.  

For each point, type the address into the designated box—the Latitude and Longitude fields will be automatically filled with the data. 

Enhance your points

You can make your points more interesting and useful by adding text, pictures, and videos, as well as Call-to-action buttons. This is a great opportunity to provide a website, phone number, or email address so your users can easily get in contact with the business they are interested in. 

By default, a "Get Directions" option will appear, that will redirect the user outside of the app to whichever map application their device is using. They will then get step by step directions leading them to the point of interest.



If you would like to customize the icon that goes along with the point, you have the option to choose between those offered by GoodBarber (you can adjust the color), or upload one of your own. If you use your own image, make sure it is a white .png image on a transparent background, sized between 150x150 px and 150x300 px.

Whichever picture you add will be the one displayed in the list view by default. 
That's it! Publish your work and go back and add more points if you want. Once you've finished adding all of your locations you can start adding fun, extra features and customization. You can implement a search tool, activate Disqus comments, organize your content into categories, etc. 

You can organize your content to be displayed in the following ways:

-By most viewed
-By most commented on
-By distance 

By clicking "List of Locations", you can also choose if you want your points to be displayed in a list format or rather like points overtop of a map, customize the backgrounds/titles,  and configure the thumbnails and their display. 
As always, don't forget to click the green "Update App" button at the top right corner to save your changes.