Video Tutorial: Personalize the Submit Section


Hi GoodBarbers,

Today we are answering a question that a lot of you ask us: how can the settings of the Submit section be modified?

By watching this tutorial, you will be able to delete a field, as well as personalize the default text in each section.

The Submit section represents an excellent way to increase user engagement and loyalty, so don't miss out on this opportunity to maximize its capabilities by adapting it specifically to your project!
Before beginning, go to the Add-ons menu on the left side of your screen, and in the Catalogue, activate the Developer Option that you will find at the bottom of the catalogue in the category Advanced Options

The JSON tab will now be displayed in the Submit section. 
Go to the menu App > Sections > Submit Section > JSON tab (at the top of the screen). 

Delete a field in the section

The example in this video shows the removal of the option to submit videos in the application.

To do this, you must drop down the details in the Services line, then the details in the fields that will now have appeared in order to identify the field you want to delete. We have chosen to leave the Video field open, then we delete all of the properties related to this field.

As you can see, once this step has been completed, the video field will disappear from the Submit section.

Personalize the default text

Still in the JSON tab, in the Services line, look for the field that you would like to customize, as you did before. In our example, it is the Text part.

Slide your cursor over the Type property and click "Add Property" which will be displayed. Enter the characteristics of the property that you would like to add:

-Title: your personalized title
-Description: your personalized description

You can create two new properties, one for the title, and another for the description. 
Now you know everything!

Don't wait any longer to personalize your submit section!